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All workout sessions are custom tailored and designed specifically for you! Meaning, your personal fitness, ability, and goals are kept in mind for every session!


Personal training sessions that include MAT may be eligible for benefit coverage with some providers.


Whether you are new to exercise, managing previous or current injuries, or training for sports or a goal, your customized fitness plan will take everything into consideration while helping you recover and reach your peak fitness.


With 6 and 12 month commitments, your weight and measurements are also monitored, so you can see how far you have come. 


Many benefits providers may cover a portion of the cost of personal fitness.



MAT training provides an assessment, and correction, of muscular imbalances and an amazing tool to get your body functioning at its best!  I will review all joint and muscle limitations by putting them through a range of motion within the body, addressing and finding tightness, which is a weakness, and muscle testing. With this knowledge, I will assist you in participating in isometric exercises on a massage table, this helps to create muscle contraction, then we test the muscle again for strength.


This goal is to safely help you regain strength, increase mobility and can reduce or omit pain. In combination with specific personal training to create a body to work properly. As a trainer, this has been so exciting for me as it is the missing link/ tool to fix my client's weaknesses.


Dryland Training


This specific sports training will improve your overall fitness.


It is exceptionally effective in balancing muscles and bringing strength to all aspects of your body, further enabling you to excel at your sport, preventing injury and creating a strong, overall,  athlete. Training can be held on-site in Airdrie, North Calgary or booked at my location at Tri Fit Training in Airdrie.

Horse Riding Body Function Assessments:


During this on location assessment, I visit your riding location and observe your riding lesson along with your coach. Whether your English or Western, I provide objective and thoughtful feedback as to what areas we need to work on to further create balance, flexibility, and strength.  We then discuss a fitness plan that works best for you to enhance your ability to be a strong balanced rider. This will, in turn, assist your horse, as your horse adjusts their function based on a riders weaknesses. (Additional Fees may apply)

One on One training:


Workout sessions tailored for you! MAT or Muscle Activation Technique may be incorporated into these sessions to ensure muscle balance and therapy. This option is ideal for those new to exercise, managing previous or current injuries, or for those that require specific sports training. With all long-term commitments,  I provide additional weight monitoring, monthly measurements along with added nutritional support.

One on one Training:

1 Hour Sessions


# of Session               12 Mo.   /  6 Mo.

1x/week:                     $300    /   $320

2x/week:                     $560    /   $600

3x/week:                      $780   /   $840

4x/week:                     $1040  /   $1120

Month to month or single sessions

# of Session               /Session

1x/week:                       $90

2x/week:                       $85

3x/week:                       $85

4x/week:                       $85

PARTNER training:


These workout sessions are ideal for two compatible people with similar fitness levels, however, I can adapt the workout so that each of you trains at your individualized fitness program. Duo exercised will challenge both of you to do your best and provide support and encouragement, and possibly a little competition. Monthly weight and measurement check-in, along with nutritional support are added to any commitment of 6 months or longer.

Partner Training:

1 Hour Sessions

# of Session       12 Mo.   /   6 Mo.

1x/week:             $220     /  $240

2x/week:             $400     /  $440

3x/week:             $540     /   $600

4x/week:             $720     /  $800

Month to month or single sessions

# of Session               /Session

1x/week:                       $70

2x/week:                       $65

3x/week:                       $65

4x/week:                       $65



Enjoy working out in a fun group atmosphere while working on a fitness program created specifically for you and your personal fitness goals. Each month you will receive a new fitness program along with monthly check ins with your weight, measurements and nutritional support. All your workout sessions will have guidance of myself to insure you are executing your exercises correctly. And supporting you along the way!.



Group Training:

1 Hour Sessions


# of Session      6 Mo.    /   Session

1x/week:            $200    /   $60

2x/week:            $360    /   $55

3x/week:            $480    /    $55

4x/week:            $640    /    $55

.5 Hour Sessions


# of Session      6 Mo.   /   Session

1x/week:            $180   /    $50

2x/week:            $320   /    $45

3x/week:            $450   /    $45

4x/week:            $600   /    $45



Whether a regular group fitness session or incorporating your team in a fun fitness event!  


Unique tailored fitness events that assist in team building, co-worker bonding, stress release and improving overall good spirit in the workplace! 

By incorporating fitness for employees, it not only makes them happier and improves self-confidence, but it improves a positive energy and a more productive worker. Statistics say that employees that are active take less sick days. Fitness is an all around a good investment for employer and employee to be successful. 


(Cost is based on individual events and location)

Muscles N Motion Fitness
Muscles N Motion Fitness
Muscles N Motion Fitness
Muscles N Motion Fitness
Muscles N Motion Fitness
Muscles N Motion Fitness
Muscles N Motion Fitness
Muscles N Motion Fitness
Muscles N Motion Fitness



“Hey! I had a light bulb moment today riding. My legs felt much stronger and I could feel my lower back relaxing and allowing my other muscles to take some of the work load! It felt amazing and I have you to thank for!!!! And so thank you very much.”

- Katherine

"My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Sheryl for the past year. We have found her to be friendly, supportive, reliable and extremely knowledgeable in fitness and personal training. Her MAT certification and treatments have helped us both immensely to get our muscles working properly. We have had other trainers in the past and feel Sheryl is by far the best. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking to increase their activity, get fit, strengthen muscles and improve endurance.....not only that it's been a lot of fun and we have seen results!! Thank you Sheryl!!"


- Dr Erin E., BSc, DMd


“For me being a “senior member” of the group I was a bit leery of getting involved in the class. But after the first night I knew I had picked just the right class to join.


Sheryl is very up beat and I really like that she does not do the same old routine each week, she keeps it interesting.


Sheryl has a wealth of knowledge and is constantly changing our routine and music each week. I also like that Sheryl demonstrates to the class different ways to do an exercise or weight depending on the individuals fitness level. What works for one does not work for another and knows that by providing alternate positions while using a weight or doing a stretch.”  - Donna

“I started attending Muscles n Motion classes about 2 years ago and have enjoyed the classes ever since. Sheryl knows how to bring just the right amount of cardio, core and strength exercises into each one of her classes.


Within the first month, I noticed that my body was getting stronger and the weight was dropping off. Sheryl’s classes are packed with high energy, great intensity and lots of motivation to keep you going. I am a follower and always look forward to the next class.


Thanks for all the great work-outs Sheryl.”

- Rhina

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